What are locking wheel nut removers

Locking wheel nut removers deliver a fast and effective method for removing locking nuts from wheels when the key for the nut has been lost or the nut itself is damaged and spinning. Some locking wheel nut removers are specific to car makers, whereas some manufacturers supply universal kits that will work successfully on most vehicle brands. However, before we delve further into how locking wheel nut removers work, let’s explore why they are needed in the first instance.

Why do car wheels have locking nuts?

Alloy wheels were a ubiquitous target for thieves, who, before locking nuts were fitted as standard, could be removed in a straightforward fashion, allowing the criminals to escape with the set of alloys ready to sell on. Some older vehicles are still fitted with traditional wheel nuts. If your car doesn’t have any locking nuts but possesses some fancy alloys, it is worth installing at least one nut to each wheel to deter would-be thieves. Some of the rises in the theft of locking nuts have been linked to people who drive cars on a Personal Contract Purchase as they are liable for any damage to expensive alloys, making an affordable black market in alloys an attractive proposition for criminals.

What happens if you lose your locking nut key?

If you have misplaced your locking nut key, then the car dealership would advise the first step is to order a new one. However, this isn’t necessarily a quick turnaround due to the complexity of a locking wheel nut key. Therefore, if you have a flat tyre and no locking nut key, you will need to find an alternative method of undoing the nut.

How to use locking wheel nut removers

A locking wheel nut remover is the best tool for removing a locking nut that is damaged or if the key is missing. There are different types of locking nuts. They all feature a cylinder end and a hex bit, but car makers develop different locking nuts for their vehicles, so while the BMW removal tool won’t fit a Mercedes, a Ford removal tool should work for all Ford cars. Universal removal tools are perfect for removing locking nuts if the alloy doesn’t need locking again, as universal tools can damage the nut. Find the socket size that fits over the nut most tightly, and then using a mallet, hit the end of the ratchet. You should feel the removal tool stick into the locking nut. Then you have to turn the ratchet in an anti-clockwise direction, and the locking nut should begin to loosen with each turn. After a few rotations, you should be able to pull the ratchet away and the locking nut out of the wheel. The locking nut will be stuck in the removal tool and need to be physically released with a screwdriver or gently hit with the mallet.

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