Welzh Werkzeug BrakeMate™ Universal Brake Calliper Wind Back Adaptor

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Dual Directional:
The Welzh Werkzeug BrakeMate™ has been specifically designed to work on clockwise and counter clockwise brake callipers.

100% Universal Compatibility:
Its unique design allows for use on ALL Manufacturer Brake systems which allows for cover of 100% of standard Brake Callipers.

Air Spindle Compatible:
Can be used with traditional left and right handed spindles as well as mounting directly on the Welzh 1054-WW Air Operated Spindle with no adaptor required.

Versatile Pressure Pins:
Versatile 2, 3 & 4 pin options adapt automatically to fit requirements.

Secure Lock:
Unique registered design locking function.


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