Welzh Werkzeug Drill Out Guide Kit For Cylinder Heads, Gearboxes, Hubs ect

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A drill guide kit to assist correctly and safely drill out broken M8 and M10 studs and bolts. Ideal for use on exhaust manifolds, inlet manifolds, cylinder heads, gearboxes, differentials, etc, where stud size and spacing allows access.
Size range: 8mm – 10mm studs.
Shallow design improves access to allow drilling in situ on motorcycle engines, cars and trucks.
This kit can be used on cylinder heads, gearboxes, final drives, hubs etc.

A 3-Leg adjustable drill guide jig 1 B Drill guide bush for 4mm drill 1 C Drill guide bush for 6.5 mm drill 1 D Drill guide bush for 8.5mm drill 1 E Drill stop for 4mm drill 1 F Drill stop for 6.5mm drill (use on M8 stud) 1 G Drill stop for 8.5mm drill (use on M10 stud) 1 H M8x1.25 Hex holding nut 2 I M10x1.50 Hex holding nut 2 J M8 alignment sleeve 1 K M10 alignment sleeve 1 L 4mm HSS drill bit 1 M 8.5mm HSS drill bit 1 N 6.5mm HSS drill bit 1 O M8 guide sleeve 3 P M10 guide sleeve 3 Q Double-ended, tapered alignment pins 3 R 2mm hex key (use with A) 1 S 4mm hex key (use with E,F,G) 1 T 5mm hex key (use with A on main pivot)


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