Welzh Werkzeug Induction Mate™

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Induction Mate™’s Flameless Technology:
This induction heater is ideal for bolt removal. Usually during machine repair old bolts & nuts can get stuck & are extremely difficult to remove. The specially designed Induction Mate makes a tough job easy compared to the traditional method using dangerous flames.

30 Second Super Fast Heat Up:
The Induction Mate™ is extremely reliable and saves time, with its 30 second heating up time, allowing to get the job done in half the time.

Bright LED Lighting:
Designed with LED Light to improve visibility during the job or also great for use within confined areas where its harder to locate the bolt.

Multiple Coils Included:
Various sized coils to suit different bolt sizes, 18mm, 22mm, 28mm in diameter and all with a length of 20cm. Flexible soft coil also included,1 meter long.

Time Saving Rotating Locking Feature:
The Induction Mate™ has a specific feature which allows the user to replace the coil quickly then easily locking it into place by twisting the red rotating lock. To unlock it simply rotate the locking function back to release the coil.

Other Specifications:
Input Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Input Current: 4A
Output Power: 500-900W
Output Voltage: 40V
Output Current: 180A


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