Welzh Werkzeug Screwdriver Set 12-Piece, Go Through Handles

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Professional go through screwdriver set for everyday professional use.
Hex heads allow for extra torque when needed via the use of a spanner or ratchet.
Ergonomical rubber handles will not crack if used as a chisel with hammer.
This is a very high quality screwdriver set and is intended for every day professional use.
Straight: 8 x 200 mm – 4 x 200 mm – 7 x 150 mm
6 x 100 mm – 5 x 75 mm – 3,2 x 75 mm
6 x 38 mm
Cross: PH3 x 150 mm – PH3 x 150 mm
PH1 x 75 mm – PH0 x 75 mm
PH2 x 38 mm


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