Welzh Werkzeug Swivel Head Telescopic/Extendable Ratchet Set 3-Piece, 72-Tooth

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Special 270° Swivel Head Ratchets:
These specially designed ratchets have a swivel head feature which allows the head to move 270 degrees which conveniently improves access whilst working in restricted areas.

Quick Extendible Length Feature:
These ratchets can also extend to different lengths quick & easily, adding more convenience & practicality during use in difficult & space restricted areas.

72 Tooth Reversible Ratcheting Mechanism:
Can be used to tighten and loosen nuts & bolts easily with 72 teeth to work in 5 degree steps.

Smooth Ergonomic Handles:
Designed with smooth rubber for extra grip & comfort during all uses.

Also Available Separately:
1/4” DR Extendible Swivel Ratchet – 3955-ww
3/8” DR Extendible Swivel Ratchet – 3956-ww
1/2” DR Extendible Swivel Ratchet – 3957-ww

Lengths Included:
3955-ww: 185mm to 235mm
3956-ww: 225mm to 320mm
3957-ww: 305mm to 430mm


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