A brief guide to ratchet sets

Ratchets are extremely convenient hand tools that are widely used in the automotive industry for tightening and loosening fasteners. Unlike a spanner or a wrench, a ratchet allows the operator to apply torque to a nut or bolt in only one direction. Thanks to a gear housed inside the ratchet, the single direction of motion allows the user to tighten or loosen the bolt by simply moving the handle of the ratchet back and forth. It makes light work of tough-to-move fastener.; and lessens the strain on the user. The versatility of the ratchet means they are a must-have for any mechanic or DIV enthusiast who will usually purchase ratchet sets for their tool bag.

Various types of ratchet sets

An array of ratchets are available,which typically come in ratchet sets, but will often vary depending on the price and brand of the tool. Basic ratchet sets should include all common sizes as well as standard features such as a switch allowing the user to operate the ratchet clockwise or anti­clockwise or perhaps even a quick release function.

Different ratchet sizes

Like many common socket sets, the standard sizes of ratchet found with ratchet sets tend to be 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″.The size of the ratchet you need will depend solely on the job in hand, whether you will be working in a confined space or if the fasteners you need to access are in an awkward spot. You may even choose to look for a lightweight ratchet set to save your back the strain from overloading your tool bag. Stubby or extra-long ratchet sets are two of the most popular alternatives to a standard ratchet set.

The mechanics behind the ratchet

The head of a ratchet houses a mechanical gear that features teeth and a spring loaded finger called the pawl. When the teeth move in the direction set on the ratchet, the pawl moves over the teeth, but when the direction changes, the pawl locks into the teeth to prevent further motion. The clever function of the ratchet enables the user to easily manipulate fasteners without having to remove and reposition the tool as you would with a traditional spanner. A ratchet makes light work of nuts and bolts and drastically reduces the tension on the hands and wrist of the operator, but perhaps its greatest strength is they allow easy access to hard-to-reach nuts and bolts.

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