A guide to Welzh Werkzeug socket sets

At FJW Garage Equipment Sales we are proud to be an accredited dealer of Welsh Werkzeug automotive tools in recognition of our knowledge and experience in selling to garages within the industry. In this article, we will take a closer look at their superb range of socket sets, but first, here’s a little background on the company itself.

Who are Welzh Werkzeug?

Welzh Werkzeug was founded in 2011 by Tyrone Welch, who had a vision for an innovative range of tools for the automotive sector. Since 2011, the company has seen a rapid ascension to become one of the leading suppliers of automotive tools. Welzh Werkzeug showcases an extensive range of products, from hand tools to pneumatic equipment to specialist timing tools. They aim to provide equipment that makes awkward tasks simple and saves people time in the process. They supply three brands – UTC, which is the entry-level consumer brand; WerkConnect, which is aimed at workshops; and the brand we stock, Welzh, which is designed specifically for the automotive sector.

Welzh Werkzeug sockets sets

The three main socket sets we supply from Welzh Werkzeug are standard, impact socket sets and alloy wheel socket sets. We’ll look at each and review their comparative strengths and advantages.

Standard socket sets

The standard socket sets we stock come in three main drive sizes: 1/4″,3/8″ and 1/2″ with various socket sizes chrome plated for corrosion protection. Some of the Welzh Werkzeug socket sets feature Lok-Typ technology, which enables them to be used as a standard hex socket,unlike twist sockets. Their innovative design also means they are manufactured to remove the majority of rounded or worn nuts. As well as shallow socket sets, we also provide Welzh Werkzeug deep socket sets and super-deep sets.

Impact socket sets

Impact socket sets are designed to be durable to withstand the power of an impact wrench, and the Welzh Werkzeug sets are no different. Impact sockets are partly made with molybdenum in a manufacturing process that creates a long-lasting and durable socket for tough jobs. We stock them in1/4″,3/8″,1/2″ and 3/4″ drive sizes in a black oxide finish that protects the socket from the impact of a power tool when in use. They come in a variety of size configurations as well as in shallow, deep, extra stubby, hex shanked, extra-long, thin wall or the specialist 3/4″ deep impact form.

Alloy wheel sockets

Finally, Welzh Werkzeug produces a range of alloy wheel sockets explicitly designed for use on expensive alloy whee is to provide protection to the alloy when removing the wheel nuts. They are supplied in three, six or eight-piece sets and heavy-duty and extra- long forms.

If you are interested in any of the Welzh Werkzeug socket sets we sell, contact a knowledgeable team member who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.