UTC Automatic Transmission Gearbox Fluid Flushing Machine & Adaptor Kit

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Designed to service vehicles as quickly as possible with one machine to extract, clean and refill transmission fluid.
29-Piece adaptor & hose set plus additional small parts & accessories all supplied in a protective carry case.
Fluid quality monitoring tubes to easily see the state of fluid being pumped in and out.
High quality external fluid connector for sourcing fluid from large external containers.
Rear storage point to keep adaptor case securely with machine at all times.
2x 30L Fluid holders with level markings on the front of the unit.
Emergency stop button to meet workshop safety regulations.
Removable filter with easy access for replacement.
Pressure gauges: 0-10kg/cm2 & 0-150 PSI.
High quality hosing and fluid connectors.
Powered by 12v car battery connection.
Dimensions: 39 x 19 x 14.5 inches.


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