Welzh Werkzeug Carbon Crusher™ Walnut Carbon Cleaner Engine De-Carbonizing Machine

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The Welzh Carbon Crusher™ is designed to remove carbon deposits in the intake section and intake valves of the combustion engines.
The Carbon Crusher™ sprays walnut sand into the engine inlet pipe at an extremely high pressure which clears and removes all of the carbon deposit from the inlet effectively.
Comes complete with Universal Vacuum Adaptors to cover 99% of all branded vehicles.
Fast and Effective removal of the carbon deposits in the inlet sections.
Cleans up to 8 times faster than any other conventional tools.
The cylinder head does not need to be disassembled.
Power consumption and works on compressed air.
No use of harmful chemical additives.
Easy to use and long lasting results.
Several jet lances are also included.

Other Accessories Included:
Filter, filter cartridge, sieve, sand blast gun, safety goggles,
sand suction hose connector, 5 adaptors & 2 bags of walnut sand.


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