Welzh Werkzeug Air Oil Drainer Receiver Suction Evac 70-Litres

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Sucking speed: 0.6-1.6L/Min.
Work pressure: 7-8Bar.
Collecting height: 1.85m.
Tack capacity: 90L.
Capacity of measuring cup: 10L.
Length of suction pipe: 1.5m.
Length of drainpipe: 2.0m.
Total weight: 37kgs.
Overall dimension: 500x500x500.
Fixed wheel: 7”.
Swivel castor: 4”.
Function: Multi-function: oil sucking, oil collecting & oil filling.
Additional large oil tray convenient for oil collecting.
Easy use to drain oil in low pressure.
Transparent measuring cup for easy oil observation.
Different type of nozzles is equipped for various condition.


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